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as of  8/1/2022

Burial Services

Opening and Closing of graves

Weekday (Traditional) fullsize grave

$ 1250.00

Weekend/Holiday (Traditional) full-size grave


Weekday Cremation or baby grave 


Weekend Cremation or Baby grave


Grave Prices

All full-size graves


Cremation or Baby grave

3.5' x 4'    $700.00

Companion grave



If a Funeral Service is wanted there will be an additional Fee

Basic Service additional $225.00 (outdoor carpet, 6 chairs & stand)

Basic Service WITH Tent additional $350.00

If an ADDITIONAL TENT is wanted (this would be Basic Service - outdoor carpet, 6 chairs & stand w/ 2 tents) $500.00
If more than 6 chairs are needed. Fee of $2.00 per additional chair.

Miscellaneous Fees

Issue new Deed for transfer of ownership

$ 10.00

Note: We do not install foundations. Monument dealers install to our specifications.

HOWEVER: We can provide the service of replacing the foundation and resetting the Monument for Monuments that have fallen over due to ground settling. Please call for pricing. It is dependent on the size of the Stone Monument.

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